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Carlton House Dentist Dr Nicholas More wins Highly Commended for his Blue Shark Portrait in the UPY 2022 British Waters Wide Angle Category

The Blue Shark is one of the most beautiful and elegant sharks. We, in the UK are very lucky that these amazing beasts frequent our shores every summer. I used a slow-shutter speed to capture the movement and grace of these sublime predators.
The Blue Shark is assessed as near threatened and there are currently no catch limits. Please support the Shark trust to safeguard a future for sharks, skates and rays through positive change. We achieve this through science, education, influence and action. #saveoursharks See all the winners of 2022 here

Judge’s comment: A classic and high quality portrait. Hard to fault in any way. Would surely have finished higher, except for the previous successes that the photographer’s own similar images have had in this category. – Alex Mustard