Last Updated on September 4, 2014 by team

Tooth knocked out.

Find the tooth. Keep it inside your mouth in your cheek and come and see us straight away. It may be possible to re – implant it. ( Please do not clean it first).  If it is a child’s tooth or you do not trust yourself not to swallow it, bring it to us in milk.

Lost filling.

After chewing some sugar free gum use it to plug the hole.

Loose Crown or Post Crown.

In an emergency and as a temporary measure, chew some sugar free gum and use it as a temporary “cement” to hold the crown in place.

Fractured Denture.

Dry denture and use “Super glue” this will hold the denture together for a few days (maybe 10) before the super glue absorbs water and the bond fails. This will give you time to bring it into us.

Pain with heat, cold or sweets.

Avoid these three stimuli and book in to see us within the next week.

Occasional Pain on biting.

This may be a cracked tooth particularly if it does not occur every time. Please let us know at your next appointment.

Pain on biting/loss of sleep and you know exactly which tooth it is!

Take painkillers and book an appointment as soon as you can. If warm water or cold water help use them and let us know what works for you.

Wisdom tooth pain.

Try painkillers and warm salt water mouthwashes, if glands under the lower jaw start to swell or you have a temperature see us as soon as possible.

Difficulty in Breathing due to a swelling in the neck.

This could be due to a spreading abscess. We are the last people you want to call. Call an ambulance or get to a Hospital as soon as you can.

Swelling of the Tongue (Tongue Piercing).

Due to the anatomy of body spaces any infection of the tongue can track down through these body spaces directly to the heart. If you have any swelling of the tongue that is causing difficulty in swallowing, don’t call us. Call an ambulance or get to a Hospital as soon as you can. This can also lead to heart symptoms.