Last Updated on August 13, 2014 by team

Root Canal treatment should be a painless experience, if it is not then we will always stop and treat over several visits.

Thanks to modern techniques here at Carlton House we no longer regard RCT as anything special although we do acknowledge it as a complicated treatment to perform.

At a recent audit of the success of our RCT’s we scored a success rate of 96% for initial root fillings. It is a very important treatment option as the alternative is to extract the tooth. As root filled teeth go brittle with time, we often review and consider a posterior tooth for a crown, once we have established that the root filling has settled the tooth down. Anterior teeth are different in that we will maintain as much of the natural crown as possible and a Veneer would be the restoration of choice rather than a Crown.

For those cases that are extremely difficult to resolve we refer to a Specialist Endodontic practice in Chesterfield.