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Stem Cells.

At the turn of the millennium stem cells were accidentally found to exist within the dental pulp of baby teeth.

Stem cell research and developments have led to their use in improving the quality of life for patients with conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis.

They actually represent the building blocks of our body’s blood, immune system and tissues. Stem cells have the amazing potential to renew themselves and under certain conditions become specialised cells.

Stem cells can be harvested from the Bone Marrow.

About thirty years ago people started collecting and freezing the umbilical cord, and since about 1988 about 30,000 patients worldwide have had a transplant using cells from this source.
Obviously for many thousands of patients that chance may have passed them by.

Stem Cells from the pulp of baby teeth.

As dentists we can now harvest stem cells from the dental pulp of teeth.

Baby teeth are the obvious choice although adult teeth removed for orthodontics’ or even wisdom teeth are just as good a source of stem cells. The teeth must be free from significant decay and major infections. The younger the teeth the better, although wisdom teeth are still rich in stem cells up to about the age of 25.

Stem cell technology is continuing and having yours banked may give you the opportunity to change a life threatening problem by improving the outcome.

If you are interested please ask your dentist.